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Monday, June 6, 2011

Suspicion of Bears.

Available to own now: Pedro Ponce's Homeland: a Panorama in 50 States, brought to you by Seven Kitchens Press.

Photograph by Roxanne Carter. Design by moi.

Seven Kitchens is operated by Ron Mohring, who adjuncted at the school where I was a student, and along with my fellow interns we converted a spare room in the offices into a party every Tuesday and Thursday. Being referred to as amazing with regards to any work I contribute is as wholly, eminently satisfying as being paid, and I am reassured again I'm in the right line of work. Homeland is my favorite title on Seven Kitchens - its form is more mutable, and it's a mystery! I have not stopped trying to figure out which poem is about which state. There are many delicious references to bears (my favorite, a part of the "Persons of Interest" sequence, is available to be read at the Hotel St. George - it's #2). It is a vital little book.

I've also designed other titles:

Photograph by Kris Sanford.

Each are $7, hand-sewn, and fetching as hell. The cute factor at Seven Kitchens is a notch below cat videos.

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