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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ghost in the machine.

My best friend, Kara, and I are starting a small press called Enigma Machine.

We're nothing yet. We will be a journal first, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. We got approved, the process of which gave me a twenty-four-hour petit mal when I realized one does not just create a profile, indeed there is an approval process. And we were approved! We've got it all: finite objective, material compensation for donors, and soon, a flash video. And soon, a press.

We're zygotic, but I bring it up because the Machine is moving (badum-TISH) and I would not do this without Kara. If not for her partnership, I would do a tiny something, but not something that, though tiny, could be great and something more than pleasantly time-consuming because she is a brilliant designer.

I've had a weird few weeks trying to prioritize my energy effectively. I saw a wild turkey yesterday. I believe I did, that is - it was so hot.

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