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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Melts me into the world.

1. One of my proudest achievements is being in Gina Abelkop's blogroll. She is the editor of Birds of Lace, a literary bouquet of the distinct and subversive and fun, and she was also featured in delirious hem's continuously incredible SEAM RIPPER series of which I am deliriously proud to have been a part! Her entry, amidst all the outrageously wonderful, exciting entries, is probably my favorite.

2. Gaga Stigmata has a creative editor and the promise of more content - of any kind really, creative or otherwise - knocks me the hell out (like old Pheobe's pajamas knock Holden Caulfield out, just that way - kind of lurid? Innocent, really?). I spend my down time at work (I will not state how much that is) reading Gaga Stigmata intently. As someone who is extremely busy, who implements projects, I love and am indebted to anything that makes me nothing but a rabid, voracious viewer and fan. I do not easily become a fan of things, and it is even more difficult if the thing has anything to do with writing because that's what I do - I can't stop being critical. But Gaga Stigmata is the intersection of everything I love that is beyond what I do, but it is writing and it is brilliant and exciting and my critical impulse can nap and I can do nothing but enjoy myself all over it. With the aid of it. Just like Holden and old Phoebe, I think (I totally read it that way).

3. Tumblr is my favorite social media tool. For its being compared to a stream of consciousness, a perpetual "yes" machine, and its focus on links, pictures, video and audio rather than text - for heightening the awareness of how text is positioned and used in its relation to the rest of the content (not in every tumblr, but you know) - it is what I care about sharing, what I want to share on a widespread scale, as opposed to what other social media is engineered to share. As far as my own goes - Typewriter Girl, so named for the Zoe Boekbinder classic (the Shoestrings EP version) - I operate it like a home-delivery system for research and ideas, not something as strict as aggregation but amassment, real-time brainstorming, relieved from text, purely ideas that shift and change depending on when I look at an image, whether I see it in context or on my page, on someone else's page - I love that. My favorite tumblr belongs to Batarde who posts quotes from Kristeva's Black Sun, like: If one were to identify that woman and her love one would have to look for her in the secret cellar where there is no one, except for the sparking eyes of Nevers’ cats and the catastrophic anguish of the young woman who merges with them.

4. Attending a reading tomorrow night of Maria James-Thiaw, who I profiled in ye olde HMag. I love hearing her read, but I've never seen her in performance mode - I've just eked it out of her in cafes. There is an open mic afterward. I might read. I might, I might. "Diablerie," or else a prose shred.

5. THIS THIS I AM GOING. The &NOW Festival of New Writing TOMORROWLAND FOREVER. I AM GOING. I was jilted of my vacation time and promised time off in October, so this is perfect. All three days. Carole Maso speaking. Kate Durbin, Kate Zambreno, Roxanne Carter. That is half the amazing factor, for me the other vital half is relaxing the way I relax when I'm someplace alien. I might bring my brother, who just wants to go somewhere, who will not want to go watch anyone read but will be happy just to sleep and walk around (if he can by then, he had a wild surgery on his leg and I invited him because he is just now mobile and needs to enjoy it). One of my best friends is a west coast resident and when she came back here to visit I went with her to Spoutwood for the Faery Festival (not bad at all, and I am so uppity about those things), so it is my turn. Yes. Perpetual yes-machine.

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