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Monday, October 3, 2011

Have you seen the future?

1. I went to see Tabloid with my boyfriend. We were in line for tickets when I saw a poster for Miranda July's the Future in front of which stood an elderly gentleman waiting for the bathroom. I pointed and yelled "THE FUTURE" and the old man, frightened out of his senses, flew out of its way.

2. Anobium has a $500 Kickstarter campaign happening as we speak. That amount goes a long, long way on a little venture like Anobium. The campaign is in support of our first chapbook, Sebastian's Relativity by Jonathan Greenhause. Rosebud Ben-Oni gave to it, and I would encourage you to follow her example in all things. She is appearing in the forthcoming and unreasonably gorgeous Anobium vol II, due out in the spring, and is among the chief reasons for its gorgeousness. Submissions are still on.

3. Tabloid was so great. I avoided reading anything about it or the case involved before watching. I just knew it was lurid. The way it started with Joyce McKinney in a wispy princess in the woods by a brook seventies white dress situation reading from her very special love story drove me wild - and the face that the film went in some somewhat satisfying directions, which were fascinating (beyond hyperbole), but not what I was yearning for after that opening, have me thinking about it continuously. I love its porousness and lack of psychological investigation. I love the guy obsessed with the term "spread-eagled." I love that each individual who participated in the film was so obsessed with a particular aspect to the story that no one was presiding over its arc, what it all could mean. Even the director was so excited to get to the part about cloning dogs that little was done to effectively marry the first part to that part. I love that it was called a cross between Rashomon and Looney Tunes.

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