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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More &Now.

I didn't get to see much of the Montevidayo crowd, but every time Joyelle McSweeney was in the room, everything was electrified with happiness. She almost ran squarely into me outside a bathroom and did a wonderful, graceful twirl to turn it into a dance.

I missed that panel to go to the New Media & Collaborative Performance panel.

You understand.

I also had to miss most les Figues action, but that did not stop Vanessa Place's severity from being one of my favorite parts of the shebang. Her joke at the Matters of Mind panel was my favorite. Just my favorite.

Tantra Bensko was an unbelievably kind, flexible, patient, fun, glorious roommate. It was a mad, infinite pleasure meeting and speaking sparing to Roxanne and Kate Z. I was very comforted not to be alone in half-finished thoughts and total pulverization by the weather, the campus, and the crowds. It was so so worth it to hear pieces of Heroines and Glamorous Freak. Now my body demands that walk from the hotel to the campus. Even though I was so rancid, that movement was stunning. I am made for treks like that.

I'm still waiting for my synapses to start speaking again. Whole thoughts forthcoming. I learned today how rotten this blog looks on a PC.

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