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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sandwich panel.

I sometimes get off work at six and now it is dark when I leave, and the weather is perfect and breezy. There's a cafe I like to go to during the day and one I like to go to at night. The night cafe is courthouse-themed and their menu reads like "sandwich panel" and "gluten-free litigators." Under penalty of law I admit to making up one of those.

Also from &Now that I thought about winding through streets: Lucy Corin's voice shaking as she read what felt like page after brilliantly horrible page of dead baby jokes. Danielle Vogel's powerful vulnerability addressing ritual, writing, and the absence of Selah Saterstrom. Bhanu Kapil recorded some wonderful moments on her blog.

The New Fraktur Arts Journal has a new website! And if you click on that third issue, you can check out Diablerie, the mammoth synopsis of the the movie the characters are making in my chapbook Say you're a fiction. You can purchase New Fraktur III in the flesh online on the selfsame site or by visiting Emmaus, PA. I wound up in Emmaus on my way back from seeing Metropolis when the restored print came to Philadelphia. 

Diablerie is called "a film in a novel" because Say you're a fiction was initially conceived as a much more gigantic project. Someday it might be. Now I am content to be very, very proud of it for the chapbook that it is. It's on the bigger side, almost 40 pages. It will feel so good in your hands.

At Amanda Palmer's blog she is addressing the blog vs her own art, as are Niina Pollari and Autumn Giles on the podcast I'm listening to. From the comments on AFP's blog:
I've just started studying English Language and Literature at Oxford University and in our first class last week we were given anonymous extracts of writing and were asked the question "What is literature?" We identified most of the extracts from the start, but still we unanimously put each piece in the literature pile. These included great poetry, novels, television scripts, diaries, speeches, greetings card verses, bible passages, conversation transcripts...and blogs. We discussed how, in 400 years time, any writing from today has the potential of being studied as literature or art and how Shakespeare was not considered art at the time. We also talked about how these were all literature, but not necessarily *good* literature. All art is subjective and in my opinion anything that either intends to be or is interpreted as art, is art, blogs and tweets obviously included. But that does not mean we have to like it.
Amanda Palmer has brought so many good things to me, including Zoe Boekbinder, singer of "Typewriter Girl," who I'm going to see at Space 2640 (Baltimore) with my best friend Clare in November. I hope we will be cold and I hope Zoe will hug us.

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