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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Small pressing matters.

Seven Kitchens Press is releasing Erin M Bertram's new collage/chapbook monster the Vanishing of Camille Claudel and I am all over it! I am formulating the cover and will be tackling the layout, too, in addition to creating some promotional materials that will appear here as well as on the new (which is new in the sense that it's never been a dot com before, but soon it will look like a whole new site, too). I love Erin's poetry and working on her December 09 SK title Inland Sea was glorious!

I don't think I mentioned also how amazing it was to meet Pedro Ponce at &Now. His talk about panoptic fiction, the "form" of surveillance, was riveting even in the face of constant near-unconsciousness that plagued me late in the afternoon every day of the festival. I am madly ecstatic that he loved the design of his Homeland: a Panorama so much! I am outrageously lucky to have gotten to handle that release! AND to have the help of Roxanne Carter in making the cover beautiful.

Anobium is STILL OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS to issue the second to be released in the spring! This is such a miraculous issue! I'm really proud of it and really excited to be involved in its release! I guess it should be out sometime around AWP. Like AWP 2012, Anobium is in Chicago, and I will be, too. Meanwhile, the first Anobium chapbook, Sebastian's Relativity, has raked in over $1000 on Kickstarter (twice our goal!) and five days still remain to donate to the project. Copies will fly into the arms of their intendeds the last day of this month, otherwise only a few less than fifty copies remain. I really can't wait to see where the chapbook series heads.

Slightly earlier in 2012 than AWP, Riding the Lace Barometer by j/j hastain will be out from ISMs Press, and it is looking delirious! I am finishing up the formatting and design. I just figured out the specs and am printing proofs. Next weekend. After I celebrate Halloween with my college buddies. But this is a really beautiful little book. ISMs also recently worked with Tantra Bensko, my roommate from &Now on the Cabinet of What You Don't See. She is a radiant human being and her writing is crazy and fun and it is a joyous scene here at ISMs.

This is a lot to look forward to. I'm going to sleep until then. I can't stand the excitement!

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