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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You'll miss me honey certains des jours.

I'm leaving for &Now tomorrow night! I am a little scrambled. Last week at work, the engineer leaned over and said, "Kari, Kari - I think great minds are really tortured." That didn't flow appropriately, those statements, but I didn't want to forget about it.

I mean to say I'm scrambled as a segue to assert how I have not properly freaked out about Say you're a fiction. I didn't even use the possessive in my announcement. Say you're a fiction is MY little book of twenty-eight poems and two epigraphs and a lot of references to the Tempest. One long poem occupies seven pages. This is the poem appearing in the New Fraktur Arts Journal vol. III, which comes out while I'm at &Now. The Pittsburgh Small Press Festival was this past weekend. I had to miss it this year because my boyfriend's brother had his wedding. But I went last year with Ron Mohring and talked about the character/s that Anna Karina plays in the films of Godard, how interested I am in that story of that character. Working in the classroom we'd take over to make books, I think I handled Alluvium, Erin Bertram's Dancing Girl title, I was definitely aware of it. And I thought yes! This is an aesthetic I want to be involved in. I love the form of the chapbook. It is responsible for ninety-eight percent of the good time I had in college. And I think I'm going to be reading in Pittsburgh. I don't know when. But all of that is so perfect.

I do not get publicly fired up about my ambition but this fulfills one of the rigid and unreasonable goals I had set for myself upon graduating and I did it! I really want to celebrate with my boyfriend by making gin and tonics out of the gin he was given as a gift for his role in the wedding. Its label describes how strange it is and says enjoyed by a tiny handful of people all over the world - we're not for everyone!

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