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Monday, November 14, 2011

When I was young, coach called me the Tiger.

I have an office in my home. Soon I'll be moving, and the space into which I move will become entirely my office. For now I'm fortunate to have this little space. In my office I have a white board where I have listed ten goal publications. They've been there for over a year now, and I'm crossing one out today, all mad and ecstatic and sassy.

I am super proud to be included in issue 10 of Caketrain, coming out around this time next year. The story they've accepted is called "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles," and it's among my favorite things I've ever done. It accomplished everything I wanted it to in this grim, tight coil and I was so excited to send it to them. I met Amanda and Joseph last October and got to purchase a mess of their wares in person (I can't get over - as someone who really loves roving bookstores and hiding and reading and reveling in the solitude of this pursuit - how completely amazing it is buying books from presses and authors and wish that could be all it is all the time). This bore no influence over their decision, since they'd forgotten my name, which made me feel - yes! - awesome because I got in on the merit of the work! And I really believe in my work and the work is what counts! My heart is coming out of my clothes! They said "The story is just amazing. It practically stood up and demanded to be published." That really means everything to me. It's been a crazy year. This was just the flavor of high-five I needed.

In about the same breath, I received a rejection from Birkensnake. I have been rejected by them three times, but this most recent time came with an "almost" - almost! Which is so exciting! Even though individual issues are available on their website, I cannot stress the pleasure that comes with handling the Chemlawn covers - the texture and the craftsmaniship is so enjoyable itself. They are at the top of my list and it is my infinite pleasure to continue shooting for them. I prefer this feeling in the face of rejection, that "this is why I'm doing this!" that I feel going for a goal publication vs. "why am I doing this." No question mark because it thuds at the end, that lament. Some days. Not today.

Last, quick: My goodbye to Borders at HMag.

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