Before mercury, my blood used to fill thermometers.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Who's afraid of life without false illusions?

1. I lied. I planned on seeing Zoe Boekbinder, but instead my boyfriend and I had a crazy couples' night with my best friend Clare and her boyfriend. We watched DS9. When I was awake in her house alone at 5 a.m., I took a hot-tub-bubble-bath and read the Purity Myth, which Clare is loaning me, which I cannot put down.

2. In a job orientation today, when asked to produce an interesting personal fact, I brought up the chapbook to applause. Say you're a fiction! July 2012!

3. I read about an acceptance of one of my favorite pieces of a new work to Anomalous Press while I was eating an outrageous hummus pita. Given its chronological proximity to the Jessica Valenti hot-tub-bubble-bath, I graciously accept that I'm hoarding all the good in the universe. I choose to see this as the initiation of an undying trend. I love Anomalous, and the little story of mine they're going to feature was inspired by the Cocteau Twin's "Pearly Dew-Drop's Drops."

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