Before mercury, my blood used to fill thermometers.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Midnight party.

I wrote a loving tribute to collagist/photographer Colette Saint Yves for Anobium and despite linking to her various media haunts within the feature, called "Midnight Party", I really can't emphasize the brilliance that is her 8Track enough, nor can I stop listening to "Mustafa" by Bebi Dol.

The beautiful Prick of the Spindle has accepted my short story, "Lamping," for publication, and my heart is singing "Hello ma Baby" in a top hat! "Lamping" is really dear to me and was rejected from many places with extremely good feedback. Certain criticisms I took very gleefully but ultimately I knew the piece was just tough and in most cases nobody got it, and it is a piece that exists very much for those who are going to dig it deep. It is based on a few true stories, ends in a hallucination, and is really about self-loathing and internalized misogyny. Its sister has not found publication yet, although it's been under consideration from the journal I want it to live in since September!

Since AWP 2012 is SOLD OUT I am extra pumped to be going to Chicago just to go to Chicago! I think I may be appearing in the book fair - "appearing," I mean very much in the way of an apparition - and frolicking with Gina Abelkop and Kristen Stone and Anobium and my buddy Maria. Which is all I want, besides a vacation. I feel silly for wanting one all ready, but I do have a very demanding day job. And Chicago has some of the best coffee in the world. My decision has been made for me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sparkling, natural.

1. Anobium's website has blossomed into something pristine and Audrey II-esque. It now features reviews, editorials, interviews, et al, and my enfeebled praise of Laynie Browne's Roseate, Points of Gold is alive there now! I had the most beautiful, slow, undulant time with this book. On its own it is excellent, but I recommend reading it in the blue hour. For a while I was waking up and getting into the city outrageously early per a murderous commute because I had to make sure I was in the city for when I needed to be, which was not quite at dawn, and so I read this and listened to jazz in what became a nightclub in the evening but was the only place I could find that opened for breakfast. I am glad to have had that time, and even more glad to have lately discovered a real breakfast spot, Little Amps. I need to know if they will take coffee across the river. I need to know.

2. The interview I conducted with Eric Papenfuse, owner of the Midtown Scholar and editor/publisher of the Midtown Scholar Press, is strutting its stuff right here. I am so proud. The article has gotten so much positive attention all ready. We met up and the interview was so lovely and the book sounded SO ASTOUNDING - the book being City Contented, City Discontented by Paul Beers, the Midtown Scholar Press' first title - that even though I had every intention of reading it anyway, I decided absolutely to read it and conflate the article with my review of the book. And the book turned out to be even more beautiful than I anticipated, and so I felt obligated to finish it so I could really deliver some Quality Thoughts. My hopes for this are not too high - I only hope I stirred up more of a fervor for the store and the press and the book.

Also, If you're a person that hates beautiful things and don't want to visit the Scholar for a copy, you can buy it from the Wegmans in Mechanicsburg.


Laura Beth Davis wrote a feature on the ModCloth blog called "Busy Bibliophile? Try a Poetry Chapbook!" focused on the glorious, glorious efforts of Dancing Girl Press, Birds of Lace Press and Blood Pudding Press!!! Exclamation! Points! For! All! There are few finer enterprise-runners than Kristy Bowen, Gina Abelkop and Juliet Cook and their wares deserve such a spotlight. I love to see books de-sconced from lists and libraries and contextualized by the world. Everybody should have a heap of chapbooks on them all the time. That would be among my campaign promises - chapbooks for every man, woman and child, and a garage to accommodate them all.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I have many fake books since I'm a leprechaun farmer who's a gambler.

I moved! Onto the banks of the mighty Susquehanna - now literally. I'm a block from the river. I am just now reunited with the internet and have spent the past few days in a heap of ache on my new sprawling mattress barely looking up to see Breillat's Bluebeard.

I am skittering to catch up on my obligations and overcome with inspiration and sticking my neck out for something that makes me sick and excited and way too crazy to get anything done. So I've been hiding in Twitter and aggregating my favorite citizens thereof. Twittizens.

Natalie Dee @NatalieDee: "I asked my kid what my name is (you know, since it's not actually mom) and she said my name is DOCTOR PLAYGROUND."
Drew @DrewToothPaste: "Republicans: "Beginning tomorrow, everyone's going to get fucked by shovels." Democrats: "We're working hard to downgrade that to brooms.""
David Lynch @David_Lynch: "Dear Twitter Friends, Happy New Year, 2012. I hope it's a great year for you all. Your friend, David."
Joey Comeau @JoeyComeau: "I had a dream where I won some kind of award for prime number based sex patterns!"
Supervert @Supervert: "William Burroughs put a curse on Truman Capote."
Lesley Kinzel @52Stations: "IT HAPPENED TO ME: I GOT FAT-SHAMED BY MY XBOX."
Mary Kim Arnold @MKimArnold: "Oh, stop yr cheering, people. This is a total travesty."
Seth Morris @BobDucca: "Never underestimate the healing power of screaming at yourself in a mirror."
Litsa Dremousis @LitsaDremousis: "Prime Ministers for Greece & Italy have resigned this month due, basically, to general lunacy. Hey, guys: PennState needs a new president."
Nalini Abhiraman @_Nalini_: "Sometimes my Mexico obsession reminds me of that special ilk of creepster white person who's way too into India."
Sadie Stein @SadieStein: "Spinach gnocchi disaster last night. Green-flecked hilarity ensued! We laughed and laughed. Hahaha. Haha. Oh, and I was by myself."
Kristine Ong Muslim @KristineMuslim: "Over the last few days I learned from Twitter the ff things: "bukakke" and "Maria Ozawa." I think the world is really going to end in 2012."
Lena Dunham @LenaDunham: "I wish that new movie was called We Need To Talk Shit About Kevin."
Marie Calloway @Marie_Calloway: "Aggressive cat literary agent asking how he can claw that check from the publishing house."
Amelia Gray @GrayAmelia: "Saying "my hands are really dry" and then going into the other room to fart surreptitiously is my new seduction technique."
Kristen Stone @_KristenStone: "Running late for therapy is a net loss, anxiety-wise."
Gina Abelkop @TheMoonStop: "There is an elementary school next to my house + I can hear a bunch of children singing along to Madonna's "Like a Virgin" #yikes."
Carolee Wheeler @SuperDilettante: "Suddenly there is a lot of Ayn Rand all over Tumblr and I don't know why and I'm frightened. WHAT IS THIS REALITY."

This is not even comprehensive and does not include institutions. A room full of these people talking would be a miracle.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The art of tango is to relinquish control to your dance-partner and trust that he will bravely carry you across the floor.

(The title is from Amanda Palmer's blog post about her wedding - the second thing that made me cry in 2012, after Helen Mirren's monologue to the corpse in the Cook the Thief his Wife and her Lover.)

I am relieved in looking back that I've never had a better year than this past year. My best friend to whom I am the closest's birthday is the day after new year's and wishing her happy birthday - having known her since I was a sophomore in high school - I was really thrilled to see how miniscule and distant a lot of the extreme nonsense is.

Irinia Ionesco was among the things
I enjoyed most in 2011, although not
how her work is completely
inaccessible beyond tumblr.

Rather than taking stock in concrete and traceable achievements - which are so-manied it would take too long to collect them, since I have so much yet to do that are not yet things I have achieved, but things suspended and kind of mounting and making me feel, as the days pass, manically inadequate (which, since mania is supposed to be a grandeur-trip, I wholly resent this) - I'll salute what I'm looking forward to the most this year: my new apartment on the river, AWP with Maria, Enigma Machine, my birthday in New York, the romantic weekend my boyfriend's parents procured for us in Gettysburg, and the unforeseeable business that will blindside me with excitement when it happens. It always does.

I hope this year follows last year's trend of my getting at least a crack at better jobs. I am grateful for the one I have now because it is perfectly tolerable work for very much a living wage in an atmosphere of encouragement and support. My supervisor called me into a meeting last week to give me a pep talk about looking for jobs in my field. That is pretty excellent.

I also hope this year brings answers for the wayfaring Googlers who happen upon this site. I don't know if Frances Bean Cobain has a boyfriend, but I can confirm for you that Jean-Claude Brialy is gay. Godspeed.