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Monday, February 13, 2012

For gramarye, the root word of glamour, also gave birth to the word grammar.

1. I reviewed Glamorous Freak by Roxanne Carter and the rave is up at Anobium and I could not mean anything more strongly than when I say I love love love this book. Roxanne is one of my absolutely favorite contemporary writers and Debra di Blasi/Jaded Ibis did a brilliant job with Roxanne's images. Technically though you should not buy it yet because Jaded Ibis has a pre-order gift that will blow minds.

I have enjoyed so many absurdly beautiful books lately and I'm looking forward to raving about each of them in the coming months: Tantra Bensko's Lucid Membrane, Karen Lillis' Watch the Doors as They Close, Gina Abelkop's Darling Beastlettes (one-sitting RAVENOUS read), Joyelle McSweeney's the Necropastoral, Arielle Guy's Three Geogaophies, Susana Gardner's Herso, and oh - ohhhh! - What Was the Hipster?

2. MY STORY "CELLAR HOLLER" IS ON AT SPORK and more pointedly the press announced it via Facebook with "This is love," making me melt all over the sushi my mother bought me (and my boyfriend) for VD. I hope you read it. I hope you enjoy it. My experience with Spork and Caketrain have been the most intense as far as editing goes. Being an editor myself I really enjoy the process of giving my work up completely, not thinking about it, and seeing what comes out of that level of sophisticated collaboration. One can be sure if one is working with the editors of Spork or Caketrain, one is working with somebody totally committed and brilliant at what they do. I am so proud Spork loves my story so dearly and I hope it does inspire other loves.

3. My latest job, though it enabled me to move and heightened the quality of most facets of my life, I enjoy less than I've enjoyed almost anything I've ever done, and this week I was granted the privilege of leaving to do something I absolutely love! My jaw's perfectly happy to never be hinged again. I will start right after AWP! And so my jaunt with Chicago will be a million times more of a celebration. A million!

Also, WE ARE THE FUN PERCENT is still very much open to submissions, blisteringly, until the end of March! Don't waste time! Just 500 words on how you are thwarting the encroaching grimitude with your ingenuity, like Rachel Rosenfelt and Gaby Dunn.

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