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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A seriousness of ladies.

Wherein I propose a new collective noun.

Perhaps you've heard tell in your internet travels of a new online literary magazine called Two Serious Ladies, after the overpoweringly excellent Jane Bowles novel. Perhaps this tell came by way of contributors Kate Zambreno, Jac Jemc, or Roxane Gay, or via HTMLGIANT, the Poetry Foundation, or the Paris Review. You're going to hear it again, now. Lauren Spohrer is a gracious and gorgeous editrix and Two Serious Ladies is poised to take overpoweringly excellent to a new level. Also I've got something coming up in it, a story I am very proud to have finally coaxed into the right form that now has the perfect home. Some riveting changes are on the Serious horizon! Keep abreast! Check it out!


  1. yes! two serious ladies is my new favorite and i'm so excited that you're to be in it! xox

  2. It is so wonderful! I'm so excited to see what it becomes! And - your support means the world to me, Gina! You are such a staggeringly brilliant writer. Darling Beastlettes is the best book of poetry I've read since Ariel. It is such a privilege to know you!

  3. kari, that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in awhile. having a weird week + these kind words make me feel better. thank you for YOUR support! xoxoxox