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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Redeeming a small form of loss.

I interviewed Liz Laribee, Events Director at the Midtown Scholar and incredible artist, for ye olde HMag. The article features some of the pieces from Liz's Verisimilitude series that was up at the Midtown Cinema in winter, which I saw and flipped out over, which prompted me to ask her for an interview. We were all ready familiar with each other. I am grossly unvaried in my habits, and I go to the Scholar a lot. And even though I look virtually the same every day, Liz says very nice things about my appearance and my purchases.

Maya Deren by Liz Laribee
 Absolute highlight: I love Harrisburg. I talk about this city more than I talk about men, and that makes my mom really sad. The interview also serves as a preview for the kind of things - it amongst them - that are featured in THE FUN PERCENT, which is waiting on one more solicitation before it is edited and formatted and loved. I can't believe the way that came together - I'm really proud of it and really honored by the people who contributed.

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