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Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet re: Paris.

Kristen Stone made a very sweet comment to me this morning, that she loves that I get up so early and validate all the interneting she does overnight. I am thoroughly predisposed to night-dwelling, and I'm really not dealing well with barely having nights, but I am growing very attached to pre-dawn since I'm not in shape to do anything but read.

One thing I read this morning - reread for the third time - was Marie Calloway's "Jeremy Lin." Marie Calloway has guts and one of my favorite, favorite voices. I look very forward to more from her. I also read, after the reread, a remark about there being no reaction to her piece, which is such a trite concern. I hope she overcomes the triteness and keeps on. I can say this to her, but I do hope wayfaring googlers read her work.

My morning was made when I read Bhanu Kapil's Call for Work: "In degraded form, your responses will become...a text of babies, immigrants and other losers. I just called a baby a loser. What is wrong with me?"

The future dies today, so makeout goodbye with Kate Durbin's Gaga Stigmata (as it is today, that is) and submit one last time. A bound-in-reality version is happening on Zg Press and everyone in my life can look forward to copies for the first appropriate gift-giving holiday.

Kate Zambreno and Lauren Spohrer are making my dreams reality and inaugurating a reading series called Finger & Thumb. It kicks off Monday with Kate, Gina Abelkop, and Carrie Murphy. You can bet I'm Exorcist-vomiting from envy over whoever happens to be just in Durham right now!

I've begun shuffling submissions into a folder and finally answering emails and the consensus among myself is that Andrea Quinlan's contribution to THE FUN PERCENT has the best line: I am deadly serious about fashion.

Her We Speak Girl should erupt soon from Dancing Girl Press. So will Carrie Murphy's Pretty Tilt. It is a good thing so many beautiful people are so busy with so many things: I'm going to start writing at WITF - an online feature called Very Literary - and I'll be reviewing new books/pointing Central PA to new writing on the internet/talking to area writers. If I can find them. If they exist. Even if they don't exist.

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