Before mercury, my blood used to fill thermometers.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Reposted because of extended deadline and also to prod myself into work on it and all things. Good weather puts me to sleep. I haven't been doing anything but sleeping, but if beautiful things come to my email, that would perk me up tremendously. The submissions I have received are STUNNING

an anthology edited by Kari Larsen and Colette Newby

What have you been doing with this weird time? This liminal space where markets are shifting, jobs are scarce, and the issue of money/debt is omnipresent? How are you having fun?

Have you started a small press or an online magazine? Have you written a book? Have you made an online comic? Have you gotten totally obsessed with somebody's tumblr? Have you found a zoological garden obscured in the wilds of your mountain town? How do you seek joy? How do you have fun?

How are you taking advantage of the contemporary world for maximum enjoyment? Essays in the form of words (500 max.), video and art are welcome for consideration. Questions can be directed here on this post or to, where submissions can go as well. The deadline is the last day of March April 20th. Please submit and please reblog!

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