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Sunday, May 6, 2012

This summer, say you're a fiction!

When you see your own photo, do you
say you're a fiction?

Strike up the languid guitars and bathtub chanteuses - my tiny book of poetry, Say you're a fiction, is coming out this summer from Dancing Girl Press! It has conspiracy, stripteases, murder, talking portraits - everything you want from poetry!

One of my best friends in all the universe, Kara Sheaffer, is a brilliant artist, and she designed the cover so perfectly it makes my eyes roll out of my head in surrender. I am showing you the graphic that occupies the front, but you cannot know the total grandeur that is the whole package she's designed. I am so thrilled for this to come out.

In other news: Freud, Orson Welles and I are having an amazing birthday. I read the Marbled Swarm in museums all over Manhattan, which epitomized the experience of reading anything, anywhere. The inimitable, brilliant Blip accepted a piece of my fiction. THE FUN PERCENT is all ready for editing. I have a lot of reveling to do.

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