Before mercury, my blood used to fill thermometers.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I was just taking a walk along the spillway at sunset.

The ongoing Girls review is gone! Season one is over - that was a really good experience, psychically, to have made myself consistently work and hold myself accountable when I was in a grim zone and not doing much else. I'm doing better today, and my short story "Mine Fire" is so strapping on Blip! "Mine Fire" concerns the continuing adventures of the heroine of "Bone Flute," published last year in Sein und Werden. She is still having a difficult time but I hold out hope for her.

Anobium's Kickstarter for Volume 3 is almost up! Five more days! Volume 3 will crest the wave of a whole new Anobium. Exciting announcements are on the horizon there. And here. I have more good news, but right now it's a beautiful mystery.

MASSIVE NEWS: riding the lace barometer by j/j hastain is now available from ISMs Press! It's $3! And Rachel Kendall, ISMs editor, is shipping from the UK, so shipping nightmares are roundly circumvented.

Prepare for an in-deep partaking of strange yet powerful "folds as they enshrine a gorgeous hysteria," because that is part of what hastain's poetic encounters will be placing upon you. - Juliet Cook

To the continued circumvention of nightmares.

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