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Friday, June 8, 2012

Murder the most mellons.

One day two weeks ago I fell asleep as soon as I got home and woke up at 3 am to a message from La Petite Zine regarding the acceptance of two small pieces, of the same ilk as "Death of a Child Model" and "Van's Friend in the City." La Petite Zine is one of the publications on my white board of aspirations, and I got to erase a line for the second time since I've started to attempt to publish work. I wrote continuously all day for the past several days in between everything else I've done - including posting a new installment of Very Literary, "On Chapbooks" (part one) - and that writing is intended for nobody but me. I haven't done that since high school. In college I started abandoning projects I didn't want to share, but it's still very comforting, still very much something I need. Now I'm working on "On Chapbooks" (part two), which is a week overdue at this point. I can live with that. I have not been falling flat on my face when I walk in the door for nothing (and am in fact omitting much of the source of this exhaustion).

The overdue-ness is about to break on riding the lace barometer, which officially goes on sale (via me) MONDAY, June 11th. I will post the paypal link on that day when I am back to civilization - I have an emergency to attend to, and will be detained all weekend. Funds, equipment and time pretty much dove out of site every time they saw me coming. j/j hastain and Rachel Kendall have been patient and brilliant the entire time, and copies can be obtained through each of them as well.

I was supposed to speak at Central Penn College yesterday, but as my state is easily gleaned from across the internet, my very psychically sensitive friend Maria knew the right thing to do was reschedule my talk for late July. The "Appearances" column on the right-hand side of this page reflects the change, as well as the addition of a speaking engagement at the Midtown Scholar in August! For all engagements, including the Jubilant Thicket reading in five weeks (!), I'll stay on message and read from Say you're a fiction and other forthcoming things, and I will not talk a blue-streak about the topic I've been organizing a pseudolecture on, to be broadcast soon in the form of a lively discussion with Scott Mitchell of ReadySoup. Here is a hint:

It's going to be revealing.

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