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Monday, June 18, 2012

You do not do.


The Black Telephone
An essay by me

News of this opportunity to work with Kristen as an editor - she is brilliant to work with - and the cultivation of this essay has been an impossible secret to keep. And if you read it you will have some notion of my relationship to impossible secrets.

From the Unthinkable Creatures blog:
Kari Larsen's essay, which takes its title from Sylvia Plath's "Daddy," is a gorgeous, disarming confessional investigation into the nature of telling a trauma and the potential [of/for] touch.

Using JT LeRoy's Sarah and the cultural narrative surrounding Laura Albert, Kari talks about learning to/refusing to tell her own stories, and how. How to listen to the traumas of others? What does writing make one afraid of? What can happen when you hand over the stack of papers to the beloved o/Other? Discourse begins to fall, to falter as Kari refuses the language of the "literary hoax" as she investigates the relationship between Laura Albert, JT LeRoy, and the text.
Those are some incredibly kind things to say. I'm honored that enough could be gleaned from the text to form a synopsis. Throughout the process of drafting, I lapsed mostly into wordsalad. For the entire thing. I could only get myself out of it by responding directly to statements made in Laura Albert's Paris Review interview. I have ANOTHER ridiculously incredible announcement to make within the month and as I've been working on what that pertains to, it's amazing going back and forth between something that comes so easily and this which was really like carving to render - really elusive and frightening and challenging. I hope you read it, wayfaring googler, and I hope you enjoy it.

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