Before mercury, my blood used to fill thermometers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Suddenly there came a swagging.

1. I wrote an essay for Anobium about the Artist is Present (about Marina Abramovic), Crumb (about R. Crumb), and Public Speaking (about Fran Lebowitz), the necessity of examples, and being a horrible example. Re the final point, I still have in draft-mode a post crafted just for the students I reference in this essay.

2. Someone else wrote this on tumblr and I am still screaming/gasping/crying.

3. I went on a vacation that was almost a week but felt absurdly, stupidly brief because I slept virtually the entire time. I thought I would work. That was so silly.

4.  At HTMLGIANT, Christopher Higgs struts out an enviable reading list wherein I was very happy to see my (hearty, intense) endorsement of Carina Finn's My Life is a Movie has swayed someone its luscious, frothy way. I am not always on board for what that site has to post, but I am on board for everybody knowing what an amazing book that is - and fuck am I excited for HEROINES - but I am always on board for this. Bodies are wonderful, if not always safe for work.

5. It says there are 33 copies of the Black Telephone on the Unthinkable Creatures etsy. Kristen Stone deserves not only some $5.50s, but your love for her beautiful labor.


  1. i need to read yr essay, but 'the artist is present' cracked me up in several ways- that performance art boot camp where she made the kids separate grains of rice and hug trees? like an snl skit! but i go love marina. and 'crumb' was one of the most upsetting things i've ever watched, i had awful nightmares after seeing it. LOVE aline kominksky crumb though- you MUST read her book 'need more love.' xoxoxo

    1. I loved Marina in bed, flipping out. My favorite appraisal of "Crumb" was after watching it with Seth - my significant otter - a former social worker who has seen the film many times, he said "as much as I enjoy that movie, it makes me feel like I'm at work." I have to read her book, yes!!! She is the greatest part of the documentary. The Paris Review interviewed R Crumb in 2010 and within the first few questions he starts clucking about how it was Aline's idea to move to France and I was like UGH why aren't they talking to her!

  2. oh she is SUCH a brilliant genius, her comics are life saving, funny and weird. another case of the genius wife being ignored. but i do encourage you to seek out any/all of her work/books, b/c she deals with issues of self and ego and creativity in such a comfortingly forthright way.