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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Debt off my god today!

I was reading about Lena Dunham's million dollar book proposal - on my phone, which I do as I walk, which is a cultivated skill - when I received notice that an interview I conducted has been purchased, and I am still in a billion ebullient pieces about it!


To be filed under poetry in your library.
Larsen, Kari. Say you're a fiction. Ed. Kristy Bowen. Chicago: Dancing Girl Press, 2012. Print.
$7 (for 36 pages!) - click the cover or here to order.

When I was in college stitching Seven Kitchens chapbooks I daydreamed about being in this collection because, like Ron with Seven Kitchens, Kristy Bowen is totally devoted to this effort and all the work together is so tidal! When I think about being a part of this, Unthinkable Creatures and Birds of Lace - I can't believe I'm so lucky to work with these people and be part of what they're making.

More on love: both Lorin Stein and Sadie Stein were interviewed by Days of Yore this week, which in itself feels like a prize to experience. Sadie Stein, I have said, and I keep feeling, is one of my extremely favorite living writers. This breaks my head open, something this vibrant and fun and weird and elegant all together existing in a commercial space.

Catherine Wagner reading "Macular Hole" is all I can hear.

At Anobium, I freaked out about Carrie Murphy's Pretty Tilt, which I love very intensely. I also asked her a bunch of questions then and will soon be affectionately showcasing her answers.

Speaking of Anobium, the other thing I freaked out about this week -

First, context: here is Anobium volumes 1 & 2, together:

They are almost pocket-sized. 1 is smooth and 2 is glossy, and their innards are equally beautiful.

BUT 3:


3 is mammoth - it is absolutely breathtaking. Ben, the executive editor, and Jacob, the designer, have taken Anobium to terrain as yet unventured. It is $10 and the contents are even more ravishing than the design.

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