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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slough of Despond.


Below lies an announcement roundup. First, how things are. I've been reading the Group. Every few pages I look up Mary McCarthy online. I love in that her Paris Review interview she's writing the Group and saying what a big deal the mothers are. I love all the references made within the text to the terms created by their mothers. Terms for things. "Or [x], as mother calls it." Today my friend called her mother to demonstrate their crackling dynamic as a parent-child team and her mother hung up on her.

I proofed my short story that will be LEADING issue ten of Caketrain, which is a dream come true. I am drafting statements to read on Satuday (see below) and my love of collaborating with editors and submitting to journals as a means of establishing relationships, about loving that part of publishing. The love of Caketrain's editors for what they do is so palpable.


1. The latest Very Literary at WITF is all about Curtis Smith. Curtis and I have internet and small press world acquaintances in common but live down the highway from each other. He has a new book, Beasts and Men, coming out from Press 53 this spring!

2. Last month I interviewed and came to love everything about Stephen and Cherie Fieser, who rule the Midtown Scholar basement's sub-business Robinson's Rare Books and Fine Art Prints, and the interview is now ALIVE at Harrisburg Magazine Online! I'm going to go crazy in the subterranean Scholar on Saturday. Do you remember what Saturday is?


Saturday, November 10!
2 pm!
Stage 2 at the Midtown Scholar!
Craft + Publishing Panel
with ME,
Nathaniel Gadsden, and Ann Elia Stewart!
1302 N. Third Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102!
The Third Annual Harrisburg Book Festival!


5a. I've kicked off a new feature on Anobium's website called Outer Space. It's a link-roundup, and the first one is all me (it will be fueled by the varied, wild web staff) and features Kate Zambreno, Roxane Gay, Carina Finn, Leanne Shapton, Emily Keeler, and Sadie Stein.

5b. This new feature (and more!) is to celebrate Ben, ruler of the Anobium kingdom, easing into preparations for Vol. IV, Weird Love, and my becoming the new Web Editor. That would also make these new features my job, to which I would say: my whole job at Anobium is a celebration.

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  1. Congrats on your new role at Anobium! and everything else. I am beyond tempted to go ahead and buy your chapbook but I know we agreed a swap which is just as cool! mine haven't arrived yet.