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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Classic novels and replica books.

In September, I interviewed Amanda Kloehr on the first really fall afternoon. I was so pleased to get to speak to her - she is a firecracker - and she's gone on to talk to outlets like CBSNY and CNN about distracted driving. Therefore I am all the more excited that my interview with Kloehr is not only live at Harrisburg Magazine but also available in the December issue, now in stores! Patti and Len, the editors, have been and continue to be outrageously supportive of me, and I'm so glad they liked the story. The feedback on Amanda's link to it on her Facebook really knocked me out. I've never seen such a substantial and heartfelt reaction to a single piece I've done.

Next, I'm talking to the MakeSpace.

I am proud of how different things are now. In September they were not so good. Things are astounding now. I'll unfold it all soon but for now I will say that I'm reading Kate Durbin's Kept Women from Insert Blanc Press, and it only gets better from there. That means I have an unreasonable amount of good things going for me, and Kept Women is vintage brilliant Kate D. However I'm recommending required literature of this era in whatever format, Kate Durbin's work will be snugly comprehensive on that list - it is unavoidably important.

Monetarily things are interesting (it isn't a euphemism but I acknowledge that money, no matter the circumstance, is not interesting in any way) so I'm exploring methods of funding (an experiment borne of some freedom, freedom being the real interesting part). This blog was rejected by AdSense and I'm a little bit proud. I successfully signed up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. Upon entering the Affiliate Portal, I was confronted by this Accoutrements Horse Head Mask, which makes plain, I think, how things are going to be from now on.

My boyfriend and I went to Gettysburg to celebrate being together for two years. We went to walk around the square, sleep, and partake of something called sweetbread that has nothing to do with the sweetbreads, Hannibal Lector and so forth. While reading in bed - I brought the Paris Review interviews collections and he had every book about Lincoln and Lincoln's cabinet ever - my boyfriend laughed a sustained fit for an alarming length of time about a Twitter account called jazzdad. He's not over it yet.

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