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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Exploding eggs and renegade Sriracha.

j/j hastain reviewed the Black Telephone at Big Other and melted my heart! And she loved Liz Latty's SPLIT which I love, too. j/j's mimetic shameless is coming in February, joining Latty and I on Unthinkable Creatures. Kristen Stone's little press gets more and more radiant all the time.

Speaking of the radiance -

Haley Harned's photograph of Amanda Owens' studio at the MakeSpace

I am interviewing everybody with a studio at the MakeSpace, but first I wrote about the MakeSpace itself at Harrisburg Magazine. As far as I know, the article has made three people cry, including myself, who was up late on it. All the glory to Haley Harned's photography and to the subject matter.

Some outtake notes I forgot I made during my first visit to the MakeSpace in October:
  • all area food service employees who I want to be my friends are here
  • 2 BATHROOMS (underlined as many times)
  • she's dancing like she's going to murder someone
  • white boys can't get with it
  • say 5 times: puking cartoon chat noir
  • how is it I smell birthday cake
I did not think today was going to be so grand - in scale or quality - I was so blotted out with exhaustion. Then I made another heroic copy editing save! These days are the best days.

The second season of Girls' inaugural review goes live tomorrow!

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