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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Meet my small business, Résumé Therapy. / askresumetherapy at gmail dot com

Meet my small business! It's called Résumé Therapy, and it's there to provide some relief to the arduous task of applying for jobs.

Some things about Résumé Therapy:
  • Adrienne Wolter, videographer extraordinaire, named it, and on our next visit to Earth, we're going to shoot a commercial for it.
  • For those whose browsers do not jive with the accents, Resume Therapy is the name. The accents, you see, are necessary.
  • I'm putting my biography and qualifications up on the site this week, but I must add: I would not pursue this if my going success rate did not merit it.
  • To wit, my rates reflect the needs of my clientele:
    • $3 Consultation: I will review your preexisting résumé and/or cover letter and provide notations and suggestions.
    • $6 Optimization: I will take your preexisting résumé and/or cover letter and, instead of making suggestions, will fix it manually and return it to you fully re-energized.
    • $11 Creation: I will take the raw material you submit (unwieldy work history, rambling skills list, the coveted job listing) and make you a résumé and/or cover letter!
    • I can't stress the cover letter portion enough - my skills shine here. While I'm doing these things, you can read or nap or skip rope or whatever you need to do to work off the tension created by scrutinizing applications.
  • I am also a mock interview commander. That might be the next step.
The decision to launch Résumé Therapy came from a few places:
  • Everywhere I've worked, I've met smart, articulate, talented people who were in the same sad, weird jobs as me and too vulnerable to think about what they had going for themselves in terms of skills and experience to present that in a meaningful way to potential employers. Most of the best friends I've made since college, I've made by helping them with their résumés. These are educated people in fields like education, marketing, government, arts administration, commercial art - and these people have jobs.
  • I'm so happy they have jobs! But I could not find one that I fell in love with. I had a windfall and a chance to figure out what that might be. This is it.
  • There are a lot of job-seeking resources that emphasize integration into the workplace, which is very good and many people need to understand it is a different culture. But it is a culture that is prone to perpetuating a feeling of alienation. For those who understand what the workplace entails, Résumé Therapy is there to reassure that they are still a person with unique qualifications and merit unto themselves. I am not judging anyone's readiness for the reality of the workplace, I am supporting their dreams that have everything to do with the kind of person they are.
  • I hate scams. I don't have any special certificates and I am not a career expert. I really love talking to people about what they want. I spend all my time professionally and most of my time personally determining if the text that I and others write fulfills its purpose as concisely and effectively as possible. I think of what is presented to me from as many angles as possible. I want to help people, not seem like I know things and am a step ahead of them. I want to support people.
  • I want to do it. I am exhausted from not doing what I want. I know there are many other people who are, also. Those are the people for whom Résumé Therapy exists.
It is brand new, it is noteworthy, but this space is not one for constant infomercials about my business. I'll remark on highlights and milestones, though, particularly because of the fact that Résumé Therapy is, at its Helvetica-condensed-bold heart, about how résumés are representative of real people, and I am the person behind this professional entity. And I have very fun ideas for it.

"You are an entrepreneur." - my best friend's step-dad on Facebook. That is one for the business card.

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