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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The good news.

If I were deeply invested in driving traffic to my blog, I would not talk about anything but Jemima Kirke.

Last night, David Sedaris was downtown. The crowd, all of whom were well-dressed, gave over to throat-shredding scream-laughs. He rebounds from audience questions in a way I really admire. The only moment he became reactionary was when someone asked him if he experienced any anxiety around Macy's. He explained that he said nothing bad about them, and he said it a number of times before he moved on but eventually returned to the point, citing that they made employees sign an agreement that they would not write about their experiences as Macy's employees. The tyranny of retail: I know it.

I loved the rhythm of his show: long story, vignettes, long story, diary entries/jokes. My days have followed a nice trajectory, too. I got several installments of extravagantly good news. And I had a blast copyediting two features in the forthcoming second issue of Local: a Quarterly of People and Places, which is now available for preorder. Coming soon also: genuine sharing of news, extreme gestalt review of Girls season 2.

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