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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Press received.

Nona Willis Aronowitz (Tomorrow Magazine, Minimum Ragers) and Aaron Cassara (Barista) are working on a documentary series for Atlantic Cities on small cities utilized by millennials. I saw they were headed to Pittsburgh and emailed Nona to suggest they stop in Harrisburg. They did!

It was about to close for the night, but I'm glad they got to see the Scholar, even briefly. We met there and moved uptown to the MakeSpace, where the time passed extremely fast. I'm so glad they got to talk to as many people as they did, all of whom are representative of all the things I love about Harrisburg.

They had a rental car with which they were very unfamiliar and it was magnificent watching them struggle with it. They were favorably impressed to an extent I could not have foreseen. I confirmed for myself what a lousy subject I make, which justifies anew my commitment to being the creator.

I've been asleep since then (that was Wednesday/Thursday). Scant waking hours that have punctured through I've been editing a seven-page interview with one of the MakeSpace artists, polishing the first installment of a new column, and learning about Medicaid expansion.

In the past I've touted "reading comprehension" as a skill on my resume. Now faced with the subject of Medicaid expansion I feel like I've really been lying all along — to myself most of all. I've spent days on this research, and every time I think I've wrapped my head around it enough to commit to a declarative statement, I wind up in that special blank mindset that I associate with the Law & Order: SVU theme song playing on a loop, forever.

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