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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I never strangled a chicken in my life.

I've been combing through old Mad Men episodes not intending to look for "maybe Pete Campbell is gay" clues but finding them anyway. The absolute winner is when he cheerfully recalls, with his brother, watching Rope. They're talking about murdering their mother, which, it's just delightful that Bob Benson's move was provoked by Pete's attempt to keep his mother alive.

I trust the story to be worth it, so I don't gun (pardon) for anything to manifest the way I want, but if only Pete would join Bob Benson and conquer everything with love. In the third season, Duck Philips identified Pete and Peggy as the ideal agency, which Ted did again in Sunday's episode. They should unite as business partners, Peggy with her cat and Pete with Bob. Joan can be the Roger and Trudy, understanding everything, can just be fabulous.

Peggy also tells Duck at their first lunch meeting that she likes his turtle neck, setting some precedent for Ted. I could just keep going.

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  1. I want Bob and Pete's funny and creepy relationship to continue and escalate, one way or another. I agree with your other post finding Bob's infatuation with Pete to be very intriguing. It seems as though Bob tested the waters with Ginsberg, maybe Roger, and others, but he landed on Pete. He valued and, understandably, came to be very wary of Bob. Yet it was almost with admiration. Anyway... can't wait to see where it goes.