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Monday, June 17, 2013

I was afraid you were a baby.

My short story, "May Two People Breathe in a Real Room," is up at Hobart!!! It's about two girls who are kidnapped and escape, very small and very complicated.

The penultimate MakeSpace interview is up at Harrisburg Magazine! This one is with Shannon Sylte, and from her excellent brain came thus:
What I've observed is that some individuals view the community gardens in this city as invasive. In conjunction with the art scene, I have not observed much cultural diversity in the projects I'm involved in. I'm interested in finding ways to amend this. It seems as though this city is divided into a mosaic of “cultural ecosystems.” Those ecosystems could work together, but dissonance overwhelms and seems to inhibit the growth of the community. I hope that we can establish a way to coexist that everyone can view the renaissance that Harrisburg is going through as beneficial.
Shannon joined the MakeSpace while the interview series was in progress and surprised me with some extraordinarily thoughtful answers to my feeble, exhausted questions.

I wrote about bad charities and unpaid internships at work today. Their respective relevance to my own life is extreme. As extreme as Carina Finn's Lemonworld, which I ripped open and inhaled after I got home? Not that extreme. I have these expectations for Bret Easton Ellis' the Canyons that it cannot possibly live up to but Lemonworld actually filled all that lack. I'm coming to understand I only have one set of equal-opportunity desires that can, at any moment, be fulfilled by a book, even if I think it's a movie I want. Carina's brattiness is the most refreshing thing in words. YOU CAN GET IT.

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