Before mercury, my blood used to fill thermometers.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Myra insists she is borrowing the girl to demonstrate her psychic abilities.

Summer insomnia presents: moods inside of which to churn and roast.


"An exclusive, have-it-all decree." Using some designated objects, one can make David Lynch a song. I think that's the least of the art-love he deserves.

2. Forever envious of this perfect title. The air conditioning unit canceled the sound, but was visually perfect company for someone who, however inadequate the volume, refused to move from bed for any reason.

3. THE LAB MAGAZINE. Where did it come from? Why wasn't it always with me? I profoundly detest to speak in questions but this is a gnawing mystery, see the rapturous "Nykhor in Bloom."

4. I still have to tell myself to cheer up sometimes.

5. I'm pretty into the majority of the Paris Reviews' "What We're Loving" installments, but here, Justin Alvarez was inside my mind:

The sweltering temperatures the East Coast is currently experiencing created the perfect environment for Monday's screening of Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte at Bryant Park's Summer Film Festival. A tale of murder, mayhem, and deceit, Hush...Hush is just what you would expect from the "psycho-biddy" genre of sixties and seventies (depending on your preference, also known as "hagsploitation," "hag horror," or, my personal favorite, "Grand Dame Guignol").

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