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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Since I graduated in 2010, I've been feeling out projects, and one that's emerged is a series of short stories on the theme of trapping/keeping/kidnapping. I've had the extreme pleasure of seeing a few of these get out into the world:

Those and others have finally grown up into a real manuscript, the product of years of work and care and patience. Fortunately for me, the past three years have been rollicking. Finding my footing in the professional world may have been distracting — it would have been nice to have found a harmless, quiet job, but I would not trade anything for what's landed me at PennLive/The Patriot — but that kind of psychic space enabled me to accomplish much without the benefit of other readers. By the time I got to attend to drafts, it was usually months on from conceiving of the story, by which time I had some objectivity and could really do something for it. But it's at the point now where it needed more, and Kristen Stone came to my aid.

I solicited her services as an editor, and she not only turned the manuscript around to me on a tight deadline, she detected tonal weaknesses and made the demands of a reader that, no matter how long I stayed away from the project, I never would have observed or had myself. I am a fair reader of my own work, but I could not have hoped to see this ms. ready to submit to presses without her.

This to say, Kristen Stone is a fabulous editor: her rates are a steal for the thoroughness and quality of her observations and the demands of her eye. I must add, also, what a cloud I'm on because she is among my favorite living people writing, who I am so privileged to have edit and publish my essay, the Black Telephone, on Unthinkable Creatures, and she enjoyed reading the collection. I hope other people enjoy reading it, and I am so excited to have had her help in making that possible!

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