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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Come as Your Madness.

Come as Your Madness, my little book of first jobs, funerals, art, and love, has been unleashed by Birds of Lace! I could not be prouder or more pleased with that look: those ornate details, that rosy complexion.

Excerpts can be found all over the place:
I've stated it, but if anything bears repeating: every last one of the Birds of Lace 12/13 titles are thunderous, and in a year marked by achievements (mostly surprising, almost all of the harrowing, just-dodged-a-cliff variety), this event is the dearest to me. I love what Gina and the writers whose work she put out this year — Andrea Quinlan, Samantha Cohen, Carina Finn, Megan Milks, everybody — are doing. Celebrating that and participating in that is of wild importance to me, and its been crushing the way much of 2013 laid me too unwell to do that work to the level I expect from myself. With Come as Your Madness out in the world, a text I have so much affection for, I'm excited to get back to work.

Wayfaring Googler: should you be angling to purchase Come as Your Madness from Birds of Lace, do not keep it on a shelf all alone, it has siblings — Say you're a fiction, a collection of poems from Dancing Girl Press, and the Black Telephone, an essay from Unthinkable Creatures.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I feel exactly the same about Bol plus 2013. Can't wait for Come as Your Madness to arrive at my place.