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Monday, December 9, 2013

"I could make Hitler laugh to death"

Thank you, Dinosaur Pty Ltd.

If I had it my way, all of television would be some shade of Danger 5. A team of international spies in a hyper-exotic vision of the sixties band together under the command of a Colonel with the head of an eagle to kill Adolf Hitler. It's Australian, it's joyful, and it is populated by gracious, lovely stars, two of which joined me in celebrating Danger 5  and its forthcoming second season — at PennLive!

Danger 5 also has the distinction of being easier to guide new viewers to than, say, anything. The pilot is on YouTube and the first season is on Hulu (the free Hulu, at that). Anyone in my life who might want to get me a gift this season should instead acquaint themselves with the show so we can talk about it over Grape Escapes.

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