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Friday, January 10, 2014

Adult Magazine: All real beauties, everybody making a stab

Three things got me to subscribe, sight unseen, to Adult in this order: Tamara Faith Berger, production design, and a preference for mature themes. The experience was (positively) evocative of my first time with Tomorrow, which also featured Cord Jefferson in the masthead: excellent features. My favorite, by an extreme amount, is the Florida travelogue, to the extent that I would recommend buying the first issue singularly on its strength.

I was really in it for the writing, and that met my demands, and I'm looking forward to all the issues, especially to see if they start to synthesize a more erotic affect. Affect, as opposed to aesthetic. Berkeley Poole's design is the sexiest thing about the issue. I'm into that. The fruits of Helsinki Type Studio are harvested so ravishingly. It surprised me! I thought it was going to be a little more ferocious, but criticisms aside, I have spent the last several nights with Adult and Adult alone. But the fact that is has great taste in fiction and poetry, and that it includes both in such radiant amounts, secures my devotion and elevates Adult among my favorite periodicals.

Also: I'm looking forward to the online content, but if anything was made to be taken to bed — obviously. Ideal use of your print product.

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