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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Compensations of my exile.

"...I actually managed to write today. Thirty lines. Would you like to see them?" 
"No," said Sir Francis. "It is one of the numberless compensations of my exile that I need never read unpublished verses — or, for that matter, verses in any condition. Take them away, dear boy, prune and polish at your leisure. They would only distress me. I should not understand them and I might be led to question the value of a sacrifice which I now applaud." 
- Evelyn Waugh, the Loved One

Spoken like someone who never Reads The Comments.

(Being generally unfamiliar with British literature I did not know, and so am in love with how, Evelyn Waugh and his once-wife, Evelyn, were referred to by the Mitfords as "Hevelyn" and "Shevelyn.")

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