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Monday, January 6, 2014

Drowned in life.

There are moments when I've literally felt drowned in life. When circumstances have lead to a moment so rife with possibility that you can't possibly understand. It's like you are in your shoes, you continue to breathe, sit — other people around you. One or two smile and turn. People you know. I remember Arlene going Leena like she even knew the lid was being flipped off my world. 
- Eileen Myles, Inferno (A Poet's Novel)

I would love to reassure my bizarro mortified elementary school self of how I spend my days. Although the fact of how certain of those "drowned in life" moments are only lately losing their gravitational influence on my outlook/decisions might not do the greatest things for her willingness to grow.

La Grande Belleza is worth seeing — if for no better reason (of which there are, I believe, a few) than for its variety of book-lined interiors.

("The film could have alternately been titled Firm Italian Asses." - boyfriend, citing another reason to see it)

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