Before mercury, my blood used to fill thermometers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Body of the author: 27 years.

I am so grateful. Thursday night, I had been invited as the featured reader at the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel, and Julia not only previewed the reading on the site we work for, but she and my close work friends came! And they enjoyed it! I rarely get to share my writing with my best friends, let alone new ones, so I am overwhelmed they all took the time to come and listen to me.

And then I turn around and the magnificent Tamryn Spruill has written so glowingly of Come as Your Madness and I can't believe it. And that is after a day of so many coworkers asking me how the reading went and if/when I'll have another one! This could not have come at a better time.

And I have an essay in the first print issue of the Juvenilia! Which only exists in the real world. So you'll have to become real before you read it. Take your time. It will wait for you.

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