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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My first book.

"I I have a problem & I do, if an artwork has a problem & it must, then the key is to find out a form that will address the problem, even exacerbate it, while producing less anxiety, not more — ideally none — and yet never to become escapist, mendacious, or otherwise lame."
- Ariana Reines, the Origin of the World
My first book: I'm writing a book about GIRLS for Lost Angelene Press (thank you, Andrea Lambert!).

It's my first book! And it's perfect because it's nothing like I ever imagined, because I never, in times of dreaming, let myself get deeply vested in so many perfect things aligning. It's a queer feminist small press, which is exactly the engine I want to power. And criticism! I write fiction, I know I will publish fiction, but this is something I never thought I would have and that's so immense.

I'm editing it now, and will be into the summer, riding some blistering heat insomnia that is all ready needling and all ready making this feel like a wavering dream. I can't tell you how excited I am. I shouldn't, though, anyway, even if I could, I should save it. I have a lot to talk about in the meantime.

I mean, I will be talking a lot about editing this book and the bizarreness of rereading old blog entries, but I also would like to emphasize what a beautiful world my book is coming into. Like, Adult Mag (which I love) is now on the internet and you can read all of "Florida," my favorite piece from the first issue.

Ahhh but fair warning, Wayfaring Googlers, if you find irrepressible joy chafing, get ready to be deluged by nothing but how my first book is the coolest thing ever because that is my topic of conversation online and elsewhere for the foreseeable future — !!!

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  1. I'm so happy about this too! Kerp sharing the joy I say.