Before mercury, my blood used to fill thermometers.

About Kari.

It rhymes with "sorry."
I feel as if I am an ad
for the sale of a haunted house:
18 rooms
I’m yours
ghosts and all.

- Richard Brautigan

Twitter: @KariLeeLarsen Facebook: /ByKariLarsen Tumblr: TypewriterGirl 
Instagram: @ColdRubies Vine: Kaaariii
Email: kari . lee . larsen at gmail

My name is Kari Larsen. I am a writer, editor, and award-winning journalist dwelling on the banks of the mighty Susquehanna.

  • I work in regional media in rural Pennsylvania. I've moderated comments; managed social channels; written about art, sports, business, and politics; designed and coordinated promotional campaigns for events and editorial projects; ghostwritten and edited sponsored content; and served as a classical symphony critic. In 2016, I won a Keystone Press Award for a multi-level series I coordinated and contributed to about transgender and non-binary lives in central Pennsylvania.
  • I read manuscripts for Catapult, an incredible press based in New York.
  • I graduated from Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where I studied creative writing. I would recommend it.
  • I am engaged in an in-depth, ongoing study of HBO's Girls.
  • I have no small amount of affection for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but my fantasy headquarters are in the Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie in New York. If you arrive first, please order me a Palatschinken mit Raucherforelle & Oberskren.


I've written a few!

Come as Your Madness came out from Birds of Lace in 2013 and you can download it for free in the here and now.

Gina Abelkop edited it, along with the most sterling lineup of writers you've ever seen in Birds of Lace's 12/13 season. Tamryn Spruill reviewed it and her words mean the world to me.

My poetry chapbook, Say you're a fiction, is available to own from Dancing Girl Press.

Kristy Bowen edited it and she is the eel's hips. Kara Sheaffer (a serious dream and one of my best best friends) designed the cover. Ben Schachtman said very kind things about it at the Conium Review.

My chapbook-length essay, the Black Telephone, WAS available to own from Unthinkable Creatures but it sold out!

Kristen Stone edited it and she is brilliant. She also designed the cover and it's glittery. Can you handle that? j/j hastain could (be like j/j) and she reviewed it graciously for Big Other.

Cold Rubies.

The heading, Her gayety seemed like jewels on a skull, was a remark about Clara Bow made by Harriet Monroe. A cold ruby is Batavia arrack, port wine, green tea, lemon juice and pineapple IRL, but on the internet it is what you're reading right now.